DYK | Progressive RockDYK-World Without Face

Album: World Without Face

Released on: 10-14-2016
Music by: Oscar Fanega & JE Zerpa
Art Direction, Motion Graphics by JE Zerpa

DYK (Do You Know) have released the single and impactful lyric video for All Criminals, which explores the darker side and negative effects of human behavior on this planet; specifically tackling the issues of climate change and global warming.

This hard rockin’, well crafted single is enhanced by the visuals which make up the lyric video. For a lyric video, this is one of the best one’s I have seen adding impact and profundity to the vividly thought provoking lyrics.

Originally started as a production project in 2015, DYK had soon created an entire album, World Without Face, incorporating elements of electronic, pop and rock influenced by conscious groups such as The Police, Rush, Depeche Mode and Peter Gabriel.

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The core of the band is the rhythm section, where members JE Zerpa (drums, percussion) & Oscar Fanega (bass guitar, backing vocals) build their compositions.

All Criminals is based and composed around GLOBAL WARMING and CLIMATE CHANGE.

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About Climate Changes:

“Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the greenhouse effect”

“According to the report, Preparing for a Changing Climate (PDF), rising levels of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere have warmed the Earth and are causing wide-ranging impacts, including rising sea levels; melting snow and ice; more extreme heat events, fires and drought; and more extreme storms, rainfall and floods. Scientists project that these trends will continue and in some cases accelerate, posing significant risks to human health, our forests, agriculture, freshwater supplies, coastlines, and other natural resources that are vital to Washington state’s economy, environment, and our quality of life. ”